As the co-author of the Next Gen Skills Review, an extensive report designed to improve education in the digital world, Sir Ian Livingstone CBE is passionate about transforming the way in which young people learn. 

Following the Next Gen Skills Review, the government made changes to the National Curriculum including replacing ICT (Information, Communications Technology) with new qualifications in Computing. However, Sir Ian Livingstone wants to go further.

He said: “The curriculum itself is less than exciting and unfortunately does not demonstrate how empowering and creative a skill programming is. It’s an opportunity missed whereas the games industry has progressed significantly during the last ten years, evidenced by the current size of the market, advances in games technology, and the career opportunities created.”



Sir Ian Livingstone’s vision for the academy goes beyond an emphasis on Computing and the STEM subjects. The entrepreneur believes that the inclusion of arts is fundamental in order to equip young people with the skills and knowledge required to be 21st century digital citizens.

“Robots and AI are going to do the jobs which involve repetition so there’s no point in teaching children like robots as they won’t be able to compete with the real thing” he explains. “Creativity and computing are vital skills for the 21st century. Children need to learn the two C’s as well as the three R’s in school.”

"The plan is to move children from digital consumption to digital creativity."
Sir Ian Livingstone CBE

As part of his vision for the Academy that takes his name, Sir Ian Livingstone CBE wants to ensure that pupils are ‘work-ready’, and that means combining high academic achievement with vital skills that will be required in future career paths.

“The classroom should try to replicate the workplace and everyday life wherever possible. Learning-by-doing, collaboration, and project-based learning contextualises the learning experiences and puts theory into practice” Livingstone explains.

For this reason, learning at Livingstone Academy Bournemouth will take many forms, combining traditional, single-discipline learning with transdisciplinary assignment work, innovation and development weeks, project-based learning and presentation. You can read more about how teaching is delivered here. 

"Software engineers, artists and animators are always in demand, and not just in the video games industry. These are transferable skills and key to the digital economy."
Sir Ian Livingstone CBE

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