Reporting your child’s absence

We understand that absence due to ill health can be unavoidable. If your child is going to be absent please:

Contact the Academy by 8.30am via email at with the following details:

  • Child’s full name.
  • Childs form group.
  • Reason for absence.
  • Anticipated length of absence.

Please email each day of your child’s absence.

If we do not hear from you and your child does not arrive, our Attendance Officer will contact you. 


100% Attendance

Every term certificates are awarded to children with 100% attendance and their names are entered into a raffle. 


Medical Appointments

If your child has a medical appointment coming up please notify us in advance and provide us with a copy of the appointment letter or card.



Every day counts but every MINUTE is equally important!

Each child arriving late causes disruption to the rest of their learning group.

Lost minutes = Lost learning.

Over an academic year, 5 minutes late each day equates to 3 days lost!

10 minutes late each day equates to 6.5 days lost!

Please refer to our Attendance and Punctuality Procedure for more information.

Family Holidays

Families should not take students on holiday during term time. The academy does not support holidays and the absence is recorded as unauthorised. The law states that schools may not grant any leave of absence during term time unless there are exceptional circumstances. A Penalty Notice will be issued to a parent/carer taking a student out of the academy during term time for a holiday.

Exceptional circumstances

The Principal may only grant a leave of absence for a student during term time, if they consider
there to be ‘exceptional circumstances’. The following would be considered as ‘exceptional
circumstances’, and you may be asked to provide written evidence of this.
● Return of parent from active service (Forces)
● Death or terminal illness of a parent, step-parent or sibling
● Young Carers
● Disability or respite leave
The following are examples which may not be counted as exceptional circumstances and may
lead to requests not being granted:
●Cheaper holiday dates
● Attendance at a wedding or christening
● Visiting relatives either abroad or in the UK
● Limitations on parents/carers leave
The academy considers each application for term-time absence individually, taking into account
the specific facts, circumstances and relevant context behind the request. A leave of absence is
granted entirely at the Principal’s discretion. If leave of absence is taken without authorisation it
will be considered as an unauthorised absence.


FFT National Attendance Award Winners 2023/2024

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