Please see here our most recent OFSTED report in April 2024.

We are delighted as this report is a true reflection of all of the hard work, pride and dedication that our staff and pupils demonstrate on a daily basis. 

We are pleased that the inspectors commended the academy for its ‘very high aspiration for what pupils can achieve. All aspects of school life support pupils’ character and wider development. Staff nurture pupils and know them well. Consequently, pupils flourish.’

I would encourage you to access the full report here, but I wanted to draw your attention to the following feedback points that we received of which we are particularly proud:

  • ‘From early years onwards the school makes sure that pupils learn that they can be anything they want to be.’
  • ‘Behaviour is exemplary. Warm, respectful relationships underpin the purposeful atmosphere.’
  • ‘Pupils are kind, thoughtful and eager to contribute within the school community and beyond.’ 
  • ‘The school ensures that the many cultures represented in the pupil community are valued and celebrated. This contributes to the sense of belonging that pupils feel, and their pride in their school.’
  • ‘The curriculum aspires to improve the life chances of all pupils through its breadth and ambition.’
  • ‘The early years curriculum excites children and prepares them very well for key stage 1.’
  • ‘Teachers are passionate and knowledgeable. They explain new learning clearly and  enthusiastically.’
  • ‘Pupils strive to do their best. They persist with learning when they are finding it challenging.’

Read: Guidance on how Ofsted select when to inspect new schools.

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