We are an academy that not only provides an excellent education and high academic achievement, but goes the extra mile to best prepare our students for success in an ever-changing world.

At Livingstone Academy, we live and breathe our guiding principles through our daily actions, communications and strategy.




Is built through…

Belonging: Feeling I am part of a team while being recognised for my uniqueness.

Heroes: Having people we can look up to, learn from and respect.

Sense of Accomplishment: Being recognised for effort, perseverance and citizenship as well as achievement.

Is built through…

Fun and Excitement: Being actively involved in our learning so that we lose track of time.

Curiosity & Creativity: Being empowered and encouraged to ask questions and explore solutions.

Spirit of Adventure: A culture where taking risks is valued and encouraged.

Is built through…

Leadership & Responsibility: Leading our own lives by taking responsibility for our actions.

Confidence to Take Action: Believing in ourselves and being motivated to reach our dreams.

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