As an all-through school, Livingstone Academy Bournemouth will educate young people from aged four to 18. This means that pupils will be nurtured through every transitional stage of their academic careers as they develop into 21st century thinkers. 

what is an all-through school?

An all-through school refers to an educational establishment that provides both primary and secondary education. Therefore, one school will offer a comprehensive and consistent approach to learning, and the values and ethos of the academy will be instilled in pupils from Reception, all the way to the Sixth Form.

benefits of an all-through school:

  • Children nurtured by the same educational model from aged four to 18
  • Following a pupil’s academic journey allows the Academy to understand the pupils as learners, allowing a personalised learning experience
  • Offers primary-age pupils access to state-of-the-art facilities used by secondary schools, which is uncommon for other children their age
  • Ensures the smoothest of transitions between primary and secondary school, in a familiar environment
  • Mentoring opportunities between older and younger pupils
  • Younger children being able to familiarise themselves with older pupils from an early age, and older pupils able to act as role models to children in lower year groups
  • At Livingstone Academy Bournemouth, an emphasis on nurturing digital creators equipped with the skills necessary for the 21st century, follows a pupil consistently through their academic career

Aspirations Academies Trust have experience in running all-through academies in the south of England, and have a successful record in nurturing children’s ability and progress throughout their educational journeys.

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