At Livingstone Academy, we recognise that industries and businesses are having to continually adapt to the many local, national and often global considerations of running a modern and successful organisation not least of all in areas such as economics, competition, technology, climate awareness, social fairness and accountability, equality, safety and employee well-being. We understand that their success, or indeed failure, is inextricably linked to the quality of their recruitment process and subsequent training of its employees, and see that industry is consistently vocal in challenging the education sector to better equip students for employment in today’s fast-paced digital world. 

Our aim at Livingstone is to meet this challenge by developing challenging and engaging learning experiences in collaboration with employers, alongside providing Impartial Information, Advice and Guidance (IIAG) across the Academy. 

Across the Academy, we actively promote the development and knowledge of transferable skills within and between subject areas and cultivate the attributes employers seek in the 21st century such as productivity, accountability and resilience.  We also develop cross-curricular structures and opportunities to help students understand more about the world of work, gain exposure to employees across a range of different industries and employers, and understand how to access careers and courses at a variety of levels. 

In the latter years of their schooling, we guide students with further careers and course information, promoting self-reflection and self-understanding as they explore different career pathways. We also endeavour to help students with application and interview techniques at this later stage. 

We use the Gatsby Targets in unison with the Compass Tool to evaluate our programme to ensure it meets the required standards.


How to get involved

If you are an employer or provider of further education and would like to co-create real-world learning experiences for our students and or present to students about your opportunities, please contact our Head of Secondary, Jennifer Warr (


Personality testing careers sites

Based on the classic Myers-Briggs or Holland Code tests, students can use these quizzes to get them thinking about different careers in a fun and engaging way. Answering the questions encourages students to reflect on their likes, dislikes and what they’re good at, making the test a valuable tool to use with KS3 & 4 as well as KS5.

iCloud Personality Quiz

Holland Personality Quiz

How does it work?
Once students have taken the quiz, they’re shown their closest match personality type as well as similar profiles. We’re really keen not to pigeonhole students so as well as showing similar personality types, we also suggest they retake the test every 6 months. This is to make sure students view their personality type as one aspect of a holistic view of themselves, rather than putting them in a box.


Additional resources

Subject Related Careers Information for Students and Parents


Useful links to careers, information, advice and guidance

There is a huge amount of information online to support career awareness and making the right choices. The following are some particularly useful websites:

Parental Guidance:

  • Careers information and advice from the Careers Writers Association with a mass of useful information for students aged 11 – 21.
  • The website section has detailed links to specific employment sectors.


  • Videos and information on a wide range of careers. Also includes quizzes to help generate ideas.

National Careers Service:

  • Hundreds of job profiles and career related topics.

Careers Box:

  • A website with a series of short films describing different jobs. 
  • New film clips are added regularly.


  • Main site for university application. 
  • Information for students and parents.
  • Link to the Stamford Test which helps to match student preferences to courses.

Not Going to Uni:

  • Lots of information about training courses.
  • Advice for students about apprenticeships, jobs and training.
  • Details of employees offering apprenticeships and training.
  • Students can register to receive weekly updates.


  • The main website that advertises all apprenticeship opportunities.
  • Can be searched by geographical region or by employment sector.
  • Students can register to receive weekly updates.


  • National service aimed at graduates but used effectively in schools and colleges.
  • Options with your subject can help with course choice.
  • Industry Insights gives information about future trends, graduate job prospects and individual jobs.
  • What do graduates do? Useful info on postgraduate destinations.

Career Companion:

  • Comprehensive database describing a range of careers and required qualifications.

Step into the NHS and NHS Careers:

  • Two websites specifically designed for students with details about the jobs available in all areas of the NHS.
  • Case studies of people who work for the NHS.
  • Links to university courses.

National Citizen Service:

  • National Citizen Service offers Year 11 leavers a four week programme over the summer holidays which includes two weeks residential (weekends are still at home). 



Where next

Subject Related Careers Information for Students and Parents

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Subject Related Careers Information for Students and Parents

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