At Livingstone Academy, we believe our uniform is central to building a sense of community amongst our students, staff and parents as well as the local community. Wearing a uniform helps to place students in a ‘working environment’ mind-set.

Our uniform plays a key role in promoting pride, self-confidence, and a feeling of belonging amongst our students. These factors contribute to students’ wellbeing, removing the additional pressures of deciding what to wear, and the added stress of meeting the expectations of their peers. Uniform removes the points of difference between students, thus unifying the students and providing a greater focus on academic work.

The uniform policy has been updated. The only Academy branded items that must be purchased are the black polo for Reception and the blazer, tie, and PE polo and PE bag for Year 1 and up.  All other items can be purchased anywhere as long as they are plain black and feature no other obvious branding (and meet the length requirements for skirts and shorts). 

Bookbags, backpacks and PE sacks with the academy brand are recommended as when they are left/lost they often find their way back to school. Water receptacles must be clear and shatterproof. We recommend labelling every thing with names.

Please review the entire uniform and equipment policy by clicking here. 

Livingstone Academy Uniform Images

Where to purchase

All Livingstone Academy branded items such as blazers, jumpers, ties, PE polo shirts, PE sweatshirts and bags can be purchased directly from the supplier, Brigade Uniforms.


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