A pioneering school for the 21st century

Livingstone Academy Bournemouth provides a comprehensive education for students aged 4 to 18, combining excellent academic teaching and learning with the equipping of vital skills that will be extremely valuable for university and careers.

This is a brand new school, but it is being run by a highly experienced educational team who run successful schools across England, and in partnership with Ian Livingstone CBE, co-founder of the Games Workshop, and one of the founding fathers of the British video games industry.

We believe that developing the knowledge and know-how in young people to be creative technologists who can thrive in the world of employment that is changing rapidly will both help individuals stand out from the crowd and make them able to succeed.

That is why our focus is on academic excellence and delivering an authentic education fit for the 21st century from an early stage, to ensure that children get the best start for wherever their careers may take them.

You can read more about our vision for Livingstone Academy Bournemouth here.

"Digital literacy will sit alongside literacy and numeracy as essential disciplines in the post-Covid networked world."
Ian Livingstone, CBE

the details

  • Opening September 2021
  • 1,570 mixed, age 4-19 students
  • In September 2021, will admit: 60 pupils into Reception, 150 into Year 7
  • Delivering a broad and balanced curriculum leading to GCSE and A Level qualifications alongside the skills for success in the digital world
  • Centre of excellence in the teaching of science, maths, computing and creativity
  • An academic education entwined with the skills, knowledge and capabilities required by industries in the digital sector of the economy
  • High expectations
  • High aspirations
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Principal's Welcome

Welcome to Livingstone Academy Bournemouth. Livingstone Academy Bournemouth is a pioneering school for the 21st century: A beacon of excellence, epitomising the Aspirations Academies Trust…

Principal's Welcome

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