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Uniform Questions

What is the website for ordering uniforms?

What is your uniform policy? What items are compulsory? What items are not allowed?

We understand that there will be an opportunity to exchange uniform items if we didn’t get the correct size.  Where will this be held?

  • This event will be held on September 1, 2021 and will either be at the Landsdowne Baptist Church opposite the school building site or at Bournemouth and Poole College.  Confirmation will be sent to parents via email the week of August 25th.

What colour are the uniform trousers or skirt?

  • Black.  Any brand is acceptable.

What type of trainers do we need for P.E.?

  • We prefer plain black or white trainers with a non-marking sole. We don’t recommend ‘skate-style’ shoes (such as Vans or Converse All-Stars) or plimsolls as they sometimes contribute to foot and ankle injury when playing.

Is the water bottle compulsory?

  • We recommend that all students have a reusable, shatterproof water bottle that can be marked with their name.  It does not have to be the branded water bottle offered for purchase.


Do I have to provide my student with a laptop or computer?

  • Each student will be provided with a laptop computer for their use at school, as well as have access to other equipment that is available in our labs and classrooms.
  • If you would like to provide your child with a laptop or tablet for home use, that is your choice.  We recommend a laptop or computer with a camera and microphone with at least 8 GB RAM and Internet access.  We are happy to help with further guidance if you need.

Do I have to purchase a smartphone for my student?

  • You do not need to provide your child with a smartphone for LAB.  However, we find that many students do have smartphones, so we utilise a proactive approach to teaching children how to use them properly.  There will be times in LAB classrooms where students who have a smartphone can use them in learning. However, every child will be able to fully participate in all learning activities, even if they don’t have a smartphone.
  • We will offer parents a workshop session in enabling parental controls and safety features on smartphones for children in September.

What support will be offered to parents regarding technology and safeguarding?

School Start September 13, 2021

What is the contingency plan if the building isn’t ready by September 13, 2021?

  • We will confirm the school location by August 25, 2021 (the contractual handover date of the academy buildings in Phase 1a of the project).
  • The DfE has secured us an alternative building that is part of the Bournemouth and Poole College site (on Gervis Road). We will have sole access to this building until such time as we can move into our permanent home. 
  • We anticipate these arrangements will not be necessary beyond October half-term.
  • No other adjustments will be made to start and end times for the school day.

Will there be food services provided if we are in temporary school accommodation?

  • Hot lunches will be available for purchase and we will have access to the college canteen with our own dining area.
  • Parents can pay for meals with cash or via an online payment/account system (details to be provided once location is confirmed)
  • Free school meals will be provided to those who qualify.
  • Children are welcome to bring packed lunches. Microwaves are available, too.

Will there be wrap around care provided?

  • If there is enough interest, wrap around care will be made available for a nominal fee.
  • Surveys have been sent to parents via email (week ending July 9, 2021).

What sport is provided?

  • Students will have full PE lessons in school. Until our sports hall facilities open in September 2022, we will be using those at Lansdowne Baptist Church as well as fields at Merrick Park.
  • In year 2, we anticipate being able to offer organised team sports that include traditional sports and eSports. 

Will there be after school activities and clubs?

  • Yes.  Students will have the opportunity to sign up for a range of activities and clubs in September.  What we offer will depend on our staffing and student interest.

Will there be any summer activities or work required for students?

  • We will make some summer activities and a reading challenge available for students via their Google Classrooms that they were provided for their transition events. These will not be compulsory.
  • A full schedule of practice and revision isn’t necessary for keeping your child on track over the summer. Instead, encourage your child to engage in interesting activities. Reading, listening to audiobooks, exploring new hobbies, and playing games that call on strategic thinking or mathematics skills–these are all good ways to keep literacy and numeracy skills fresh.

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