As an Aspirations Academy, our Guiding Principles of Self-worth, Engagement and Purpose are at the heart of everything we do and every decision we make.

Self-worth is built through:

  • Giving and receiving compassion and respect;
  • Being valued for who you are and being part of a team, belonging in our community;
  • Having role models and being rewarded for effort, attitude and perseverance;
  • Being held to the highest standard: having people that spot your potential and care enough to hold you to it.

Engagement is shown through:

  • Having a curious mindset and wanting to know more;
  • Being present in the moment and taking each opportunity as a potential to grow;
  • Persistence and resilience – relishing a challenge.

Purpose is evident when:

  • We have an internal motivation and drive to be better than we were yesterday;
  • We take responsibility for our choices;
  • We have the opportunity to lead.
The vision of the Aspirations Academies Trust can be viewed here.

"For an authentic education, I believe it is vital that children learn good computing skills and also have a good Arts education. Digital literacy will sit alongside literacy and numeracy as essential disciplines in the post-Covid networked world."
Ian Livingstone, CBE

Young people need more than traditional qualifications.

Everyone wants the best opportunities for their children.

Livingstone Academy will offer a broad and balanced curriculum to ensure that children receive an excellent academic education, but also an integrated study programme with employer involvement fully embedded into every aspect of the curriculum ensuring maximum student engagement with the real world of work.

The Universities, colleges and employers to which they will apply for their next step look for more than academic qualifications. They look for a wider range of skills that they will study and gain whilst at this Academy. Young people need both skills and qualifications to succeed in the world today in order to position and reposition themselves in a fast-changing world.

This is a new school, but it is being run by a highly experienced educational team who run successful schools across England, the Aspirations Academies Trust, and in partnership with Ian Livingstone CBE, co-founder of the Games Workshop, which became one of the world’s biggest games companies.

The skills essential in the world today include creativity and team-work, as well as scientific and mathematical knowledge and know-how. This new school will have a curriculum which develops the Creative Application of Science and Maths (CASM) to fully prepare our students with success in today’s world.

There will be a creative and innovative approach to teaching and learning in order to develop the range of skills that many employers consider to be lacking in current school leavers:

  • Experience
  • Initiative
  • Enthusiasm
  • Verbal communication
  • The ability to fit in
  • Reliability
  • Basic literacy


"The Academy will create a culture where enterprise and innovation are natural and prevalent. All students will be involved in the development of at least one innovation each academic year. The aim is to bring real companies into the academy to work with our students.
Steve Kenning, Managing Director of Aspirations Academies Trust

We will ensure that students leave the school ready for the next stage in their learning and their career with three vital outcomes:

  1. Raised aspirations
  2. The skills necessary to be job creators as well as job seekers
  3. Achievement of the best qualifications

The learning environment at Livingstone Academy Bournemouth will consist of both traditional classrooms and integrated connected learning spaces, where students will work in teams with other students and start-up projects of their own, learning the skills that will put their careers on a fast-track to success

We aim to ensure all students achieve high levels of success in a broad range of GCSE and A Level examinations, whilst at the same time equipping them with the skills required to play an active and successful role in today’s highly competitive, fast-changing digital world.

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