All learning is hybrid.  We understand that learning is not rooted in a specific time or place.  For humans, learning happens all of the time, everywhere.  At LAB, we augment our face to face environment with technology and digital connectivity to provide opportunities that are purposefully designed to provide meaningful and authentic experiences that amplify learning.

All learning is personal.  We understand that the way humans learn is complex and highly individualised. No two people will come away from a shared event with the same learning because each of us: 

  • Comes with a world view, experiences and acquired knowledge (past).
  • Creates connections to content and builds understandings based on those world views, experiences and acquired knowledge (present), and
  • Have personal interests and goals that bias what we want to learn moving forward (future).

We apply principles of cognitive psychology and human development to all of our learning episodes along with self-paced structures and a mastery-based instructional model to enable highly differentiated and personalised pathways. 


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Our Curriculum Intent

Our Curriculum Intent In order for our students to be best-prepared and successful for their futures, in an ever-changing World, we need to provide something…

Our Curriculum Intent

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