How a child settles into the Academy, feels happy and secure and is encouraged to do well will determine their success. With this in mind, we try to provide a holistic approach to student care, which supports every child throughout their Livingstone Academy career. We seek to empower each child to be able to make a life for themselves that is fulfilling, enjoyable and responsible.  These aims are central to the Aspirations Framework. 

In addition to this, Livingstone Academy has a range of policies and procedures in place that support the welfare of all of our students. Several of these policies set out expectations about good behaviour. This includes good learning behaviour around the academy and in lessons and rules about how you communicate and behave appropriately towards other students and staff. If you have any questions or concerns regarding the welfare of your child, please contact us:

External Agencies:

Bereavement Support 

Crisis Support

Domestic Abuse

Drug and Alcohol Rehabilitation 

Financial Support

Local Mental Health Support


Apps for Kids

Apps for Parents 


EYS and Key Stage 1

Key Stage 2



Where next

Online Safety

Think You Know Think You Know is created by the police for parents of children. It contains useful information about: What children are doing online.…

Online Safety

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