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14 January 2021

The future is digital: Listen to Ian Livingstone reveal why his new school will allow children to thrive in a post-Covid world

  Beyond the immediate gloom of the pandemic lies an optimistic future for one main reason: technology. According to expert opinion, the Covid-19 crisis will…

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03 November 2020

Livingstone Academy Bournemouth will play a key role in the regeneration of the town and complement its booming digital economy

The boss of the Bournemouth Town Centre BID believes the new Livingstone Academy will play a key role in the regeneration of the area. Livingstone…

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19 October 2020

Revealed: New pictures of Livingstone Academy Bournemouth, including sports hall, play decks & courtyard

It is currently little more than a construction site. But this time next year, Livingstone Academy Bournemouth, located on Madeira and Stafford Roads, will be…

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14 October 2020

“I wish it was around when I was a kid’’: Parents and industry experts express their excitement ahead of September 2021 opening of Livingstone Academy Bournemouth

Almost a year will pass before the doors officially open. Yet the prospect of Livingstone Academy Bournemouth has already become a talking point amongst the…

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23 September 2020

Ian Livingstone CBE: It’s time for schools to embrace games & empower children when it comes to learning

This article, written by Jonathan Symcox, was published in Business Cloud.  A crucial skill in the workplace is that of problem-solving: the ability to analyse an obstacle and figure out how to bypass it.  Many…

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16 September 2020

Ian Livingstone: ‘For a child to be a true citizen of the 21st century they need to be in the driver’s seat, rather than the passenger seat, of technology’

The man behind the new Livingstone Academy, set to open in 2021, has revealed the idea stemmed from seeing the wonderment and learning in interactive…

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