LAB will provide a robust, well-rounded programme of distance education for the weeks when students are learning from home. Based on feedback and experience from last year’s learning during lockdown, as well as emerging industry-consensus good practice conventions, distance learning for self-isolating students/bubbles/year groups will:

  • Be largely based on the daily schedule/timetable (although not necessarily identical to it in every respect), occupying students’ typical school-day hours; the exact schedule may vary, based on the needs of specific year groups and cohorts of students.
  • Employ a range of instructional plans for lessons that will not always be delivered as a synchronous (real time) Google Meets lesson, but which will involve some personal contact (or established times for individual conferences and coaching).
  • Be designed thoughtfully as an authentic hybrid model that uses both remote learning and on-campus learning to their best advantage.
  • Continue to employ good practice from blended learning models so that we can support students who may be self-isolating and learning from home during on-campus rotations.

We will offer a planned and well-sequenced- but flexible- curriculum in which all students have meaningful and ambitious work in multiple subject areas every week. We expect new material or specific progress each day and regular feedback from teachers that’s designed to improve student outcomes.

To learn more about our distance learning programme and principles, click here.

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