Offers for secondary school places made.

Welcome packs to be sent to all students offered a place at Livingstone Academy, including:

  • Welcome Letter


Mrs Warr, Head of Secondary and Mr Manktelow, SENCO will liaise with primary schools and discuss support that some students may require with this process.

Students receive their personalised letter from Dr Elms, Principal.

Parents/carers receive a letter offering finer details on Transition Days in June from Mrs Warr, Head of Secondary.


Transition day and paent/carer transition evening takes place.

Year 7 Induction Week

All Year 7s begin their life at Livingstone Academy with a bespoke programme of activities and sessions aimed at promoting positive relationships between students and preparing them for secondary school life, including:

  • Workshops developing skills in resilience, extended writing, communication, organisation, self-esteem, building relationships etc.
  • School Wide Treasure Hunt – working in groups, students solve puzzles around the school, meeting their teachers along the way and learning their way around Livingstone Academy!
  • Team building competitions.
  • CAT tests – these provide the school with valuable data to help us cater for each student’s learning needs.
  • GL assessments – national, external assessments to enable Livingstone Academy to track and measure the progress, value added areas to develop for each student in English, Maths and Science.

Year 7 Celebration Assembly

One of the best events on the school calendar! We end Year 7 induction week on the Friday with a celebration of the achievements and milestones achieved during their first week at Livingstone Academy, including:

  • Awards and certificates for competitions taken part in during Induction Week.
  • Special Head of School awards for students who have made an exceptional first impression.
  • Performances by some of Livingstone’s finest.
  • Aspiration awards for Self-Worth, Engagement and Purpose.


Where next

Timings of the Academy Day

Timings of the Academy Day – Reception  Monday – Friday: 8.30am – 3.00pm  Timings of the Academy Day – Year 7 Monday – Friday: 8.30am…

Timings of the Academy Day

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