Our ‘Schools within Schools’ system is an innovative way of combining the pastoral and academic sides of Academy life.

At Livingstone Academy, we have four Schools and each of them is represented by a different colour. 

All students belong to a School from Reception to Year 13 as part of our all-through philosophy and we try to keep siblings in the same School throughout their school life. The coloured stripe in each child’s tie determines the School they belong to.

The Schools system provide a platform for students to work with peers from different year groups.  In this respect, it is very much like a traditional ‘House System’.  Students compete against each other in ‘inter-School’ competitions, raise money for their designated charity and select representation for the School Council who help support the running of their School. 

The system also offers opportunities for students to become engaged and support the Aspirations Framework including the ‘3 Guiding Principles’ and the ‘8 Conditions That Make a Difference’.


Livingstone Points

Every week the students have the chance to earn Livingstone Points, at the end of the week these are all collated together to see which School has the most.

Points are awarded for a variety of reasons both inside and outside lessons such as; commitment to their academic work, an act of kindness or thoughtfulness, being polite and considerate to name just a few examples.

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