At Livingstone Academy Bournemouth, teaching will be delivered in a variety of ways to ensure a varied, engaging and well-rounded teaching and learning experience. 

In KS2 and KS3, teaching and learning will be delivered in the following ways:

  • Single Discipline Learning: Teaching designed to develop student expertise and core subject knowledge and skills through carefully planned, responsive teaching and learning.
  • Applied Transdiscipline Assignments: Transdisciplinary investigative assignments that result in the production and public exhibition of a high quality product as a result of multiple drafts and critique.
  • Assessment, Presentation and Personal Development Weeks (APP): Full weeks allocated to assessment of subject knowledge, presentation of assignments and personal development learning.
  • Innovation and Development Weeks: Student-led activities or workshops focussed on a topic of interest or relevance.
  • Performance: Theatre, music or physical fitness projects culminating in a public performance.

project-based learning

From Key Stage 2 onwards, pupils will work on several real world issues/problems as assignments each year. Each assignment has a poster produced for display around the academy. Here are two examples:

Project-based learning is an integral feature of the ‘No Limits’ curriculum, and teaches students 21st century skills in addition to the academic content covered in lessons. These skills include: communication and presentation, time management and organisation, research and inquiry self-assessment and reflection skills, and leadership and group participation.

The curriculum for all students will be taught in seven week blocks across the year.

Every seventh week, there will be an innovation and assessment week. This will include testing, innovation challenges, and PSHEE/RE workshops.

learning block 1 (7 weeks)

Innovation and Assessment Week

learning block 2 (7 weeks)

Innovation and Assessment Week

learning block 3 (7 weeks)

Innovation and Assessment Week

learning block 4 (7 weeks)

Innovation and Assessment Week

learning block 5 (7 weeks)

Teaching and learning will take many forms: student-led learning, play and explore, game-based learning, teacher-led learning, investigation, project-based learning and more.

The aim is to encourage the development of essential skills and to ensure full student engagement in the learning process.

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