Please order your meals for the Autumn 2022 term using the links below. Please note that meals have to be ordered by midnight on the Monday of the preceding week. Please see timetable below detailing the ordering deadlines.

Unfortunately as school lunches are prepared offsite and need to be pre-ordered we have no provision to feed children who have not ordered their lunches. If you miss the deadline, please ensure that your child brings a packed lunch to school instead.

Billing for school lunches will be issued separately via Pay360 – a platform for educational payments.  If you are not yet signed up, you can use your social media logins (Google, Facebook etc). Alternatively, Livingstone Academy can send you an invitation code via email which will appear as “SIMs ID” and may be filtered into your junk/spam folders. If you are eligible for Free School Meals you will not receive a bill via Pay360.

Meals for week beginning: Please order by:
31st October 2022 19th October 2022
7th November 2022 31st October 2022
14th November 2022 7th November 2022
21st November 2022 14th November 2022
28th November 2022 21st November 2022
5th December 2022 28th November 2022
12th December 2022 5th December 2022

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