The links below set out our overviews for where we intend to cover the KS3 National Curriculum in Year 7 but we may need to adapt when and where areas/ topics / content are taught when necessary. Please note that the overviews denote coverage only. We are committed to creating powerful learning experiences in half-term units which go beyond curriculum content and deliver real-world, disciplinary and personal authenticity. LAB teachers develop ‘Deep Learning’ Units and Experiences as a transdisciplinary team. We will provide further details about upcoming Units and Learning Experiences prior to their launch throughout the school year. 

KS3 Year 7

KS3 Year 8

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Our CODE to Innovative Learning

All learning is hybrid.  We understand that learning is not rooted in a specific time or place.  For humans, learning happens all of the time,…

Our CODE to Innovative Learning

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