At Livingstone Academy Bournemouth your child’s education journey will combine nurture with academic excellence.

Students will value each other’s abilities and there will be a positive and supportive pastoral ethos. Students will flourish academically, creatively, physically and morally in a place where lessons are learnt and challenges are welcomed.

We will strive for the very best for our students and, by developing their love of learning, their academic potential and their individual talents, we will be able to guide them to become happy, responsible, well balanced and resilient 21st century students.

To ensure your child’s time at Livingstone Academy Bournemouth is a success, we have the very best team in place.

Taking the helm of the school will be: 

Kimberly Elms, executive director of learning:

Dr Elms, has designed and opened several STEM and technology-forward schools during her teaching and educational leadership career which spans more than two decades. She has been involved in several school programmes focused on technology and gifted children at Arizona State University. Her role at LAB will see Dr Elms lead the school, set its strategic vision and ensure high-quality teaching and learning is delivered. She said: ‘’I have been training for this job [at LAB] my entire career. We want our academy to be the difference in educational offer that children and families desperately need: one that is relevant, meaningful and future-ready. At the heart of my role will be leadership through service.’’

Nia Treharne, Director of Digital Curriculum & Innovation:

Ms Treharne will be working closely with Dr Elms and other experts to design and develop ground breaking new curriculum resources and approaches to learning. Ms Treharne’s role will see her help to bridge the gap between industry and education, capitalising on the best tools and technologies. She said: ‘’I’m passionate about wanting to help children to develop the attributes they need to be successful in the workplace.
‘’I’ve always loved working with children, young adults and teaching.”
‘’I’ve worked in a school where I have seen how disengaged children are with what they are being taught. LAB will take a different approach to learning and it’s one that excites me.’’

Jennifer Warr, Head of Secondary:

Mrs Warr will oversee the day-to-day running of the school. Passionate about the difference a good education can make to the life chances of a child, she said: ‘’Teaching is of course about getting good grades as that is what will open the first door for many people; however it’s about enriching a child’s present and future, and I believe that we have a real duty to do this within school. There is that rigour and drive to high standards and wanting a student to achieve more than they ever thought possible.
‘’As teachers we have a duty of care to ensure that our students are given the best possible education to provide them with the platform to go on to succeed in life.’’

Abby Taylor, Head of Early Years:

Mrs Taylor’s will oversee the curriculum and learning provided to students in Reception through to Year 6.
She said: ‘’Our highly effective Early Years curriculum will focus on ‘learning through play’ and we will help pupils to develop skills such as problem solving, critical thinking and creativity.
‘’Every child possesses innate talents and skills. By providing personalised care and attention we nurture these attributes thereby developing your child’s self-worth.
‘’The early years curriculum will help students to develop a love for learning and nurture their individual talents. Our young pupils will be provided with the support they need to become happy, responsible, well-balanced and resilient individuals.’’

Laura Burder, Assistant Principal (SECONDARY):

Mrs Burder will assist in the development of teaching and learning at the school, monitoring progress and working with targeted students to ensure every student meets their potential. Mrs Burder will also be Head of Blue and Yellow School and support students in these Schools with their pastoral care. Mrs Burder is enthused by Livingstone Academy Bournemouth’s ethos: “Prior to Livingstone, I was Head of Drama at a school in Hackney, East London which and I am passionate about every child receiving the quality education they deserve. I enjoy working with children to develop their teamwork and leadership skills. I feel strongly that the way in which students will learn at Livingstone with a focus on creativity and collaboration will enable each child to be successful in a 21st century workplace. I can’t wait to get started!”

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